WL-34101B vacuum interrupter replacement in stock  
WL-34101B Vacuum Interrupter Replacement - 1200A
The WL-34101B vacuum interrupter is for use in the Westinghouse ® vacuum interrupter for use in the Eaton ® / Westinghouse ® VCP / VCP-W / Square D ® VAD-2 vacuum circuit breakers.
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Vacuum Interrupters Inc. stocks a replacement for the Westinghouse WL34101B vacuum interrupter for use in the Eaton / Westinghouse VCP - VCP-W / Square D VAD-2 vacuum circuit breakers. The WL 34101B is a component in Westinghouse vacuum bottle pole assembly, part numbers 692C041G02, 692C048G02, 692C051G01 or 692C051G02.*

Our RVI-WL-34101B vacuum interrupter is rated 1200Amps, 5kV, 41kA, the same as the original WL-34101B vacuum interrupter.

Use this link to view or download a pdf file with details of our replacement
WL-34101B vacuum interrupter.

vacuum interrupter
Impulse tested to ANSI C37
vacuum bottle
AC withstand test to ANSI C37
vacuum assembly
High cumulative and high breaking capacity
vacuum interrupter
Ultra-small and light-weight
vacuum interrupter
High reliability due to stringent testing
vacuum assembly
Fine alumina ceramic for excellent vacuum seal
vacuum interrupter
Cu-Cr contact for excellent high voltage insulation and breaking performance
vacuum interrupter
Exclusive internal torsion control
vacuum interrupter
Full one year warranty
vacuum assemblies
• In shop replacement at our facility
• Field replacement at your facility
• Local replacement at nearest Group CBS affiliate service location

When you have vacuum interrupter failure, or for additional information or to discuss your requirements, contact us for immediate assistance.

WL-34101B vacuum interrupter replacement
Replacement for the WL-34101B vacuum interrupter
is a component in vacuum bottle pole assembly
part numbers 692C041G02, 692C048G02, 692C051G01 or 692C051G02
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